Coaches Brief and Demonstration

WOD – Wednesday 13th May

STRENGTH: Upper Body

Shoulder Health – Tempo Cuban Press

10 Left 10 Right alternate for 5 Minutes

* Light weight: 1-5kg is perfect




10/10 Single Arm Bent Over Rows

50 Single or Double Unders

10/10 Single Arm Strict Press

10 Box Jumps or Step ups

After starting with some super light shoulder health work with the cuban presses we are going to get into our retcon for today.


16 Minutes, As Many Reps As Possible, its an upper body push/pull workout, split up by some high intensity jumping variations, go as hard as you can for 16 minutes, and choose as heavy weights as you can whilst keeping great form, bent over rows may allow for some super heavy weights, just test them out before you start!

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