Coaches Brief and Demonstration

WOD – Thursday 23rd April

Warm Up:

5 Minutes of:

  • 20 Seconds Run on Spot
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 3 Inch Worms


CORE – 2 Rounds of 30 Seconds Per Exercise for MAX reps!

  • V-Up
  • Straddle V-Up
  • Tuck V-Up
  • Russian Twist
  • Superman Hold
  • Rest 1




200m Run

30 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks

30 Dumbell Front Squats

Gear Needed:

KettleBell or Dumbell, or household item similiar

Some Serious Core strength building today, fight for every rep here!

The workout is a 15 Minute AMRAP, and you will be throwing Around a dumbells so enjoy! Swap arms with that dumbell anytime you like just hit the total reps, try to go unbroken or for big sets!

Set out a Course for your run, step or measure the distance, or just run on the spot 1meter = 1 step

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