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WOD – Thursday 9th April

Every 60 seconds until finished
10 burpees
max sit ups in remaining time

Continue the 10 burpees at the start of every minute until 100 total sit ups are complete

This is going to suck, but its like Nutri-Grain Iron Man Cereal….lol…

“You only get out, what you put in”


Every minute starts with 10 Burpees, and the remaining time in that minute perform as many situps as you can until the next minute comes up for you to go back to Burpees.

10 is the top option,

If it takes you more then 30 seconds to do 10 Burpees, we recommend scaling thos reps down a little, so that you actually have time to do some situps!

We will let you pick a number, but if you are really struggling, we will go to 30 seconds Burpees and 30 Seconds Situps in each minute.

The goal is 100 situps!

Once you reach 100, you are finished!

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